Santa Teresa





Seataya Villas is a luxury resort in the middle of paradise, created with the highest standards and attention to detail so that you can have one of the most soul-filling experiences of your life.


From feeling a real connection with nature to enjoying the most perfect sunsets, or just recharging your energy in a Yoga class in the privacy of our Yoga deck, Seataya will be your own personal next-level retreat.


We are blessed to be located in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. In Santa town, you will notice a culture of deep respect for nature, a big focus on wellness and healthy eating, and a relaxed ambiance that makes you feel like you can recharge from the moment you get here.  


The Villas are actually nestled in the mountains, providing a sacred environment to take time to take care of yourself, enjoy the magnificent ocean views, or share some quality time with your loved ones in the privacy of your own space.  

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At Seataya Villas, you will be able to enjoy first-class luxury accommodations , We have 2 beautiful Villas on the same property.

Our 3 Bedroom Villas can host up to 8 people. Each of the room with the most beautiful views of the ocean, hand-crafted wooden furniture, spacious bathrooms, and the most comfortable beds and sitting spaces.

You can enjoy the afternoon in our infinity pool while witnessing the most magical sunsets. Or just relax on your villa’s personal deck, get a professional massage, or simply let yourself get lost in the sounds of the jungle that surrounds you.

Our 4 Bedrooms Villa, all with ocean view and can accommodate up to 10 guest. Fully equipped Kitchen, a large Living room and Dining area both inside and outside. The Infinity Pool is one of the highlights to this 360 view Villa.

* You can book the 2 villas together (7 bedroom)

Enjoy both Luxury and Natural surroundings in this Beautiful Villa. Contact us for any inquiries you may have!

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We open the doors of our home, to offer you the best place to host your most important events.

Our common areas can accommodate up to 200 people and are the perfect place to host a variety of activities. From Surf camps to business retreats, we will keep you and your attendees comfortable, relaxed, and truly taken care of.


Imagine getting married on a private white sand beach in Costa Rica, while having a complete staff taking care of every single detail with the highest quality standards.  

Or what about hosting a Yoga retreat in the most cleansing environment, with an abundance of delicious vegan foods at your disposal, and with your own Yoga deck.


No matter how big or small your event is, if it is important for you, it will be a priority for us.



Imagine waking up on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica, you had a great night's sleep, the weather is perfect, and the only sounds you can hear, are the ones of monkeys playing on the nearby trees, the wind, and the sound of the sea, almost as if they were saying good morning.  


You get up, and walk out to your balcony, do a big stretch, and take a deep breath that smells like a jungle and sweet fruits, all of this while you get to enjoy a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean right in front of your eyes.


This is the thing I remember the most from my first stay here, that feeling of deep connection with nature and myself, in an almost unrealistically beautiful setting, on the top of a mountain, kind of like my personal retreat, my space to truly recharge.


The reason for our success is no secret. It's the Golden Rule – the simple idea that we should treat others the way we would want to be treated.