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TAO Wellness Club Spa

Welcome To TAO Wellness Club & Spa

A unique & innovative spa of its kind in Santa Teresa,
located on the top of Jungle mountains in town, featuring breathtaking views of the open ocean and jungles with a natural design, two heated pools with a unique design, view balconies,
and various seating areas for our guests to have the most
special and fulfilling experience

Try this unique wellness spa club and enjoy it next to the colors of the stunning sunset with the ocean & jungle views, a glass of wine,
and side snacks at the expense of the house



Watsu therapy to alleviate pain and discomfort in your body
The resistance of water soothes physical tension & encourages relaxation

Facial Massage

A wide variety of massage treatments with professional therapists. Enjoy and relax at the height of comfort in front of our amazing views and the special experience of Seataya


Wellness Spa Club

The only Hydrotherapy treatments pools spa in Santa Teresa, a unique & innovative spa of its kind, located on the top of the mountains with breathtaking views

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